Dyer's Garden Along

For fiber artists who have a dye garden in 2006.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Where did the member list go?


Clearly, I'm no good with blogger, haha.


I'm working on getting the hardscape (aka stone path) situated in my garden, and hopefully my plants will get here soon! Spring is definitely in the air now, and I'm anxious to have some lovely blooms in my garden.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Seeds are up!

Due to limited finances this year, the garden is starting with seeds.

DS and I spread two seed flats with seed starter and then put row after row of seeds from all the packets that say sow indoors about a week ago. I was not too optimistic, but we did it, and as I say seeds are still cheaper even if they don't germinate right?

Last night while cooling DS's hand in the water after he burned it while picking up the wrong end of a Clover mini-iron that I forgot about.... he knows about the irons, and the business end vs. the handle, but nevertheless picked up the wrong end. Of course, I am not completely blameless in all of this, since I left it out, but the point is that we had a very DRAMATIC evening. When things settled down a bit, I pulled the flats out of the garden window over the kitchen sink, one by one to examine.

First the flat with tomatoes and lavender, which are not really dye plants, but stay with me. We very carefully examined every inch to find the little seeds that could, which was fun and served as a GREAT distraction.

Then the other flat with row upon row of various plants, and imagine our surprise to find that almost every row had green fuzz running up and down. That was good for another 10 minutes of distraction from the burn, with both of us examining our seedlings, and noticing that the foxglove seedlings had some of them brought the seed hull up with them, and the idiosyncracies of the rest. We also made a point to run a gentle finger up and down the fuzzy green rows to show the little seedlings how much we love them.

And this morning, DS's hand is looking pretty good. No blistering yet, thank goodness.