Dyer's Garden Along

For fiber artists who have a dye garden in 2006.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

purpose of this site

A few year's ago, I hosted a Dyer's Garden Along on my personal knit blog. It was very successful and fun for all members, and this year I decided to kick it up a notch with a blog for all members to post pictures of their gardens, flowers, and dyed stuffs, as well as advice and questions on. I would also like to welcome those attempting to grow cotton and/or flax (linen) to this group. We'd love to hear how all these fiberarts oriented gardens grow!

I'm starting this group early this year, so we all can research the plants and plan out our gardens. I'd love for our members to post pictures of the flowers they plan on using, as well as any plans they draw up.

Natural Dyeing is the art of using plant materials to dye fibers in beautiful natural shades. It really is an art, some plants being extremely difficult to obtain good results from. For the beginning dyer, I recommend starting with marigolds- they're both easy to grow and always yield beautiful deep golds.

100% wool I dyed with marigold flowers in 2004

Here is a list of books to get you started on natural dyeing. Be sure to check out the links at left as well!











Hope you'll join us!


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